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  • IUNVA President
    Maj. Gen. (Retd.)
    Vincent.F. Savino

    The Irish United Nations Veterans Association (IUNVA) was formed at a meeting in Dublin on February 10th 1990, when an interim committee was formed. The Constitution of the Organisation was ratified at the first Annual General Meeting in October of the same year. The Association has the approval of the Minister of Defence, and is non-denominational, non-political and non-sectarian. Our Constitution was legally authenticated and ratified at the Annual General Convention on 23rd September 2017.  -  We are a Registered Charity - Number 20025397.   See Our Promotion Video under Galleries Video.

    Membership is available to any Irish resident who has successfully completed a tour of duty with a UN Force or Organisation, whether he or she is serving or retired.  Application Form VF 1 available from HQ or any IUNVA Post.

    IUNVA Subscriber  Any member of the public, serving or retired members of Defence Forces (with or without UN Service and Reserve Defence Forces may subscribe to our Association with a payment of €24.00 per annum. through Donate Button on this site  or by payment to Treasurer.

    The Association is organised with a National Executive HQ and a number of "Posts"throughout the country.

    The HQ is at Arbour House, Mount Temple Road, Dublin 7. Tel: +353 (0)1 - 679 1262 - Press 1 for Administration Office 

    IUNVA's primary role is providing advice and assistance to members and their families who have been affected by their overseas service. The Association, which is financed by membership fees, voluntary contributions and fundraising, also organises social, cultural and sporting events for its members.

    As veterans of U.N. operations world-wide IUNVA will continue to support our soldiers, Gardai and civilian personnel who serve in often dangerous and difficult circumstances. We hope that our country will also keep our traditions of service to peace in being.

    We have contributed to over 60 years of peacekeeping with courage and tenacity. Our casualties have been many. Our dead are commemorated at Arbour Hill, and at other locations countrywide; but we must also remember the many who have been scarred, both physically and psychologically by their service overseas. We must continue to help these veterans and their families. That is why we were formed - let us not forget them.  We hold the World Record for UN service in that Ireland has had UN Peace Keepers on duty every day since 1958.


    Yours in peace,

    Maj. Gen. (Retd.) V.F. Savino


    A problem shared can be a problem solved

     Members of IUNVA or ex-soldiers who are experiencing problems due to domestic circumstances, depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts or actions, financial difficulties or medical conditions can contact IUNVA for advice or assistance.  This will be treated in a very professional and confidential manner and details will not be disclosed or discussed outside the role of Welfare Officer.  You may not like to approach your Post Welfare Officer for personal reasons; you can contact the National Welfare Officer HQ IUNVA or a member of National Executive Committee whom you may know.  These details will not be communicated or discussed with your Post they will be dealt with at HQ level. Your case will be treated with high standards to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of that information, strictly in accordance with the data protection acts, 1988 and 2003.  If you have a problem do NOT hesitate to make contact.

    Rights for individuals under the GDPR :- 

    Webmaster -  Jim Casey 

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    Subject access

    To have inaccuracies corrected

    To have information erased

    To object to direct marketing

    To restrict the processing of their information, including automated decision-making

    Data portability

    All personal data will deleted  from IUNVA Membership data base once membership ceases


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