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 Defence Forces Veterans Day 2018 will take place at the National Museum of Ireland, formerly Collins Barracks, Benburb Street, Dublin 7, at 1200hrs on Sunday 13 May    2018.

It is planned that the parade and wreath laying ceremony will mirror 2017 in terms of sequence.

There will be no limit to the numbers of Veterans on parade, with the exact parade layout to be confirmed in the Ceremonial Order.                                    

 We fought long and hard with the Department to have no restrictions on the number of veterans on parade and finally succeeded.  We request your back-up to support us by making an extra effort to attend the Parade.

 This is also a family day, so please bring your families on the day to see our Association out numbers the others marching on the Parade.     

We ask Post Committees to start now to lobby your members to attend and start making transport arrangements etc.




J-GormanJadotville Tiger and Campaigner John Gorman is to be conferred with a Distinguished Fellowship on 27th April 2018 at the Athlone Institute of Technology as result of a submission made by Mr. Paul Clarke 2 Infantry Battalion Association.

This prestigious award is the Institute’s higher honour.  The Distinguished Fellowship Award shall honour individuals who, through active leadership and or scholarly endeavour over s significant period of time, have made continuing significant contributions to society, Ireland, the Midland Region and the local community.

Congratulations from National Executive and all Members of IUNVA.




IUNVA-colour-logo  Irish United Nations Veterans Association needs your support, if you are eligible to join our Association please consider doing so, you are most welcome.   If you do not wish to join you can make an annual subscription of 24 Euro.  Contact our office or post your request on our guest book page located under heading Services and Information on Web Site to obtain the necessary Forms.

Below is a brief summary of the Associations role, your joining our Association will ensure the future of our Association Membership or making a contribution will ensure we are financially viable to continue this role. 

  All our Members are volunteers and do not receive any payments for their work with the Association.   Our Association was formed in 1990 to assist our Members or ex soldiers who are experiencing problems due to domestic circumstances, depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts or actions, financial difficulties or medical conditions.   Irish Troops have served with United Nations Peacekeeping Missions throughout the world.  Sadly, many soldiers of all ranks carrying out their peacekeeping duties in various theatres of operation paid the ultimate price.  Others paid a price in the form of wounds, injuries, and post trauma stress.   We acquired IUNVA Grave Plots countrywide for deceased veterans who served overseas and have nobody to lay them to rest.  Otherwise these proud men would be buried in “pauper’s graves”.    Other serious situations that were not envisaged have developed over the years, “Suicide by ex soldiers,”  “Homelessness of ex soldiers”, these must be investigated and eradicated as a matter of extreme urgency, it is our priority and main objective to do so.

Yours in Peace




143698721177587202298911174887861585224963n Our Photo Gallery needs to be updated by having names or events attached to each photograph to describe the photographs in each category.  Unfortunately the photos did not have these details when uploaded, in each category they run as a slide show starting with number 1 in sequence to the end.  We are looking for help in achieving this task so if anyone can recognise the names or events please contact us, you assistance is greatly appreciated.



 United Nations International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers will be celebrated on 29th May 2018 and United Nations International Peace Day  will  be celebrated on 21st September 2018.  Our Association has no set date to mark a special celebration annually.  If anyone has any suggestions or ideas that we could also adopt one of these dates each year for an event or celebration please submit to National Secretary.



 Any Post requiring the services of IUNVA Pipe Band or Piper should give three or four weeks notification in advance of the date of the event.  You should contact Stef. O'Reilly by mail to Post 1, phone 087 2607808 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book. Payment to Pipe Band can be negotiated at time of booking, a piper travelling to an event in his own transport will have to be reimbursed.





The Road Show is available to travel countrywide to events Military or Civilian to promote our Association

Application to book their services to be made to HQ


 The National Executive wish all Members of our Association and their families a Very Happy Christmas and Bright New Year.   We thank all members who organised and attended events during 2017, your comittment is greatly appreciated.  Without the input by you the members our Association would not be where it is today.  Thank you.

Yours in Peace

National Executive




I am pleased once again to have the honour of sending Christmas greetings to all members of

the Irish United Nations Veterans Association (IUNVA) and your loved ones, both on my behalf

and on behalf of all my colleagues in Government.

This occasion provides me with the opportunity to recognise and thank all the members of

IUNVA for the generations of dedicated service to both the State and to the cause of

International peacekeeping. Ireland has a long and proud association with United Nations

(UN).  Defence Forces personnel have completed over 66,000 individual tours of duty on UN

and UN-mandated Peacekeeping missions since 1958. IUNVA plays an important role in

representing Defence Forces veterans of all ranks that have served overseas in these missions.

Your dedication and service has contributed in no small measure to the excellent reputation

of the Defence Forces, both at home and overseas. 

It gave me great pleasure in 2017 to announce, together with an Iar-Taoiseach Enda Kenny

T.D., the decision to award the “Jadotville Medal” to the men of “A” Company, 35th Infantry

Battalion and to family representatives of deceased members.  I believe this is an important

award and will give full and due recognition in honour of the courageous actions of the men

during the siege at Jadotville in September 1961 during the UN peacekeeping operation in the


At this time of year, our thoughts also naturally turn to those who are no longer with us and

I want to take this opportunity to remember those members of IUNVA who have passed away

in 2017 and previous years. Our thoughts and best wishes are with their families and friends.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamacha.


Finally, I wish you and your families a happy, peaceful Christmas with every success for 2018.

Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh.


Paul Kehoe, T.D. Minister with Responsibility for Defence

IUNVA is a member of the Alliance of Retired Public Servants (the Alliance), which was set up in 2013. The Alliance initially sought representation at the Croke Park II discussions. When this was refused a meeting was sought with the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Mr. Brendan Howlin T.D., before final decisions were taken by government which could affect the incomes of public service pensioners. This request was repeated when it emerged from the Labour Relations Commission that there were pension cuts associated with Croke Park II.

Membership of the Alliance includes representatives from:

Retired Higher Civil & Public Servants (RCPSA)
Retired Civil Servants (IMPACT)
Retired Teachers’ Unions (RSTI/RMA/TUI/RTAI).
Retired Principals & Deputy Principals (NAPD-R)
Retired Members of the IMO
Retired Members of the Nurses Association of Ireland (RNAI)
Retired Prison Officers (ARPO)
Retired Members of Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB)
Retired City & County Managers (RCCM)
Retired Commissioned Officers (ARCO)
Retired Members of Shannon Development (SDPA)
Garda Síochána Retired Members’ Association (GSRMA)
National Federation of Pensioners Association (NFPA)

The combined membership of these bodies is 75,000. It is estimated there are over one hundred thousand retired public servants. Being part of the Alliance gives ARCO a greater voice in protecting the pensions of its members.

The first Biennial General Meeting (BGM) of the Alliance took place at Westmanstown Sports Centre, Lucan, on 30th January, 2014 where delegates passed the following motions:

In March 2014 the Alliance wrote to Mr. Howlin seeking a further meeting and stating an exit programme should now be developed which would provide a framework for ending the use of emergency powers to reduce public service pensions. A meeting was held between the Alliance and Officials from the DPER in April. At this meeting the Alliance representatives emphasised that pension issues needed to be dealt with speedily. They also stated that the Alliance wanted representation at future talks. A meeting with the Minister will take place as soon as a structure and a process of engagement has been formulated and agreed between the parties. The Alliance expects this meeting to take place before the end of July.

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