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IUNVA-colour-logo  Irish United Nations Veterans Association needs your support, if you are eligible to join our Association please consider doing so, you are most welcome.   If you do not wish to join you can make an annual subscription of 24 Euro.  Contact our office or post your request on our guest book page located under heading Services and Information on Web Site to obtain the necessary Forms.

Below is a brief summary of the Associations role, your joining our Association will ensure the future of our Association Membership or making a contribution will ensure we are financially viable to continue this role. 

  All our Members are volunteers and do not receive any payments for their work with the Association.   Our Association was formed in 1990 to assist our Members or ex soldiers who are experiencing problems due to domestic circumstances, depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts or actions, financial difficulties or medical conditions.   Irish Troops have served with United Nations Peacekeeping Missions throughout the world.  Sadly, many soldiers of all ranks carrying out their peacekeeping duties in various theatres of operation paid the ultimate price.  Others paid a price in the form of wounds, injuries, and post trauma stress.   We acquired IUNVA Grave Plots countrywide for deceased veterans who served overseas and have nobody to lay them to rest.  Otherwise these proud men would be buried in “pauper’s graves”.    Other serious situations that were not envisaged have developed over the years, “Suicide by ex soldiers,”  “Homelessness of ex soldiers”, these must be investigated and eradicated as a matter of extreme urgency, it is our priority and main objective to do so.

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