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 Defence Forces Veterans Day 2018 will take place at the National Museum of Ireland, formerly Collins Barracks, Benburb Street, Dublin 7, at 1200hrs on Sunday 13 May    2018.

It is planned that the parade and wreath laying ceremony will mirror 2017 in terms of sequence.

There will be no limit to the numbers of Veterans on parade, with the exact parade layout to be confirmed in the Ceremonial Order.                                    

 We fought long and hard with the Department to have no restrictions on the number of veterans on parade and finally succeeded.  We request your back-up to support us by making an extra effort to attend the Parade.

 This is also a family day, so please bring your families on the day to see our Association out numbers the others marching on the Parade.     

We ask Post Committees to start now to lobby your members to attend and start making transport arrangements etc.




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