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  1.  IUNVA must protect our rights under The Constitution Rule 3 – Objectives -Paragraph 16 – “To oppose any proceedings or applications which may seem calculated directly or indirectly to prejudice our Association’s interest.” 
  2. No formal contact was made verbally or in writing from IDFVA to IUNVA on parading in St. Patricks Day Parade, Dublin. The first communication was posted on Social Media on 19th January 2018 by IDFVA.  It stated “IUNVA would be parading with them on St. Patricks Day, attending events with Dublin Lord Mayor and visiting Arus an Uachtarain “.   IDFVA also issued their draft St. Patricks Week Programme of Events without consultation; on final issue they specifically named 2 of our Members as Liaisons and attending events under the name of IUNVA.  They also listed IUNVA on parade in the order of marching as last Association, again without our permission.  IDFVA should have made official contact with IUNVA requesting permission before printing any details concerning IUNVA on the Week Programme of Events, it would have been favourably considered.   A few years ago our National PRO contacted the Dublin Parade Committee re the possibility of IUNVA taking part in the parade to mark the 50 anniversary of Niemba and they said NO, explaining that it was not in the spirit of the parade. We were very disappointed and agreed not to apply again.
  3. Contact was made with members of National Executive Committee seeking their opinion regarding the posting on Social Media by IDFVA about our Association.  It was agreed by all that they had no authority to do so without our consent and permission.  It was surmised that they were attempting to control IUNVA by the wording of the posting on Social Media.   IUNVA as a recognised Association will not parade under any other Association; we have no problem parading as our Association under our Flag along with other Associations.    
  4. National Chairman made contact by telephone with IDFVA Communications Officer on 19th January 2018 at approximately 10.30 am and instructed him to remove all reference to IUNVA from Social Media and Week Programme of Events as their Association had no permission or authority to state we would be parading with them. I also informed him most of our Posts had already committed their services to their local St. Patricks Day Parades countrywide as we have being doing for the past 30 years.  Despite this reasonable request IDFVA failed to remove the content and continued to include the name IUNVA in their publication releases and on Social Media without our permission.  I requested the Communications to send me details of the Parade in order that it could be discussed at National Delegates Meeting on 20th January 2018.  I received details by email at 14.12 same day from Communications Officer and a Schedule of Events for the Week.
  5. During the conversation with IDFVA Communications Officer he stated they were not happy if we do not attend the parade as they would be leading the parade behind the Army and he had attended a meeting with Minister of Defence during the week to finalise the events. We have written confirmation from Department that “Minister Keogh has not had any direct interaction with the IDFVA and has no involvement in any events being organised by that group! – Neither the Minister nor the Department has any involvement in organising the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin”.  “Our only contact with IDFVA was a request from them to accommodate ten members of Norwegian Veterans during their visit.  The request was refused due to operational commitments”.
  6. The matter was discussed at National Executive Committee Meeting, who are the delegates from all our Posts on 20th January 2018. All were in agreement not to parade due to the initial posting on Social Media without our prior permission and the false statement made of meeting the Minister.   We made a decision that our members could not attend in uniform, but could do so in alternative attire.  We are entitled to do so under our Constitution.   I informed the Communications Officer IDFVA of our decision on 21st January 2018.    Due to the fact that IDFVA had not removed reference to IUNVA on Social Media as requested, as IUNVA were not parading in Uniform we issued the Directive to avoid confusion among our members.
  7. We state we have no problem with any of our members joining IDFVA or with those who are members of IDFVA or any other Associations. It is not our policy to publish directives to our Posts on Social Media.  Our National Secretary is being accused of doing so on Social Media, you can rest assured this is a false accusation as he did not publish anything on Social Media.  It is agreed that part of the contents of a directive was posted on Social Media but not by The National Secretary.  It was done in error by a member from a certain Post who is responsible to maintain Facebook for his Post.
  8. IUNVA wish to work in harmony and upfront with all the Veterans Associations/Organisations in all matters and support them; it is our intention to meet for discussions on our role and theirs or any matters they wish to discuss. Social Media is not the way we operate; we operate on a one to one basis.  If this situation had not appeared on Social Media in the first instant and a proper approach made, we would have negotiated and may have paraded as IUNVA in association with IDFVA.  We are all veterans and unconstructive posting on Social Media is not in the best interests of all the associations, we should air our differences personally.

       9.  We do NOT need a Federation to control all the Organisations/Associations we work individually with our Constitutions and objectives in the interest of the Associations/Organisations.  We must sit down and work out  procedures to be adopted by all in the future organisation/notification of any upcoming events; this would avoid any misunderstandings for the better of all veterans irrespective of what Association/Organisation of which we are members.  “United we stand, Divided we fall, so let’s put a stop to these Postings on Social Media and work together with POSITIVE postings regarding all Veterans Associations.”  Working to-gather as individual groups we can have a huge impact on issues regarding Veterans Affairs, Support for our Serving Soldiers and other issues. 







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