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LOGOParade Respect & Loyalty 19th September 2018 

We have this one last chance to show strength of numbers & solidarity to everyone that our DF is in Crisis!! That the Silent Sentinels of the our Citizens, our Country & our Government - who provide Security & Stability for Foreign Investment, are heading into an abyss.  We owe it to them all, including the Department of Defence, to let them know they are playing with a false economy, and leaving us all at risk.
Everyone on our Parade is a Leader - a peer Leader. And we will lead by example from the start to the finish of our Parade!!
Parking in Merrion Square South & West - An Garda Síochána.
This is a Parade - NOT a protest. 
1. First of all, if it rains we will get wet, but it will just demonstrate how determined we are. So good or bad, stay the course, regardless of the weather, Parade & Stand Together.
2. Our parade is organised so as NOT to impact on local people or businesses in the areas of our parade. 
3. Respect will be shown to all who Parade & Support us, no exceptions.
4. Our submission will be signed off by Sean Finnergan Retired PDF, Alan Laird Retired RDF, Diarmuid Higgins Retired Navy, Pat O Toole Retired Air Corp and Judith Butler Wharton WPDF. This represents all four Services of the DF & our families!!All submission's will have original signatures on it.
5. Phase 1 -  a) 0900 Hrs - Copy of our signed submission is handed in to our Chief Of Staff Vice admiral Mark Mellett DSM, at McKee Barracks Dublin by Three (3) Retired Veterans BTC (with Noel O Callaghan as coordinator). Flag bearers with our National Flag with David Carrick, 2 Bn Association and three (3) overseas mission flags - UN/ EU & NATO - Action Paul Clarke.

b) 0930 Hrs - Copy of our signed submission is handed in to our Uachtarán na hÉireann Michael D Higgins at Áras an Uachtaráin by two (2)  Jadotville Veterans Tom Gunn, John Gorman with Anto Gallagher 2 FARA (with Noel O Callaghan as coordinator).Flag bearers with our National Flag David Carrick 2 Bn Association and three (3) overseas mission flags - UN/ EU & NATO - Action Paul Clarke.
c) 0940 Hrs - Copy of the signed submission is handed in to Maurice Quinn Secretary General Department of Defence in Newbridge by Sarah Washe, Gerry Fogarty & Jimmy Shields. 
All at a, b & c will move to the Military Memorial at Merrion Square, where the Military Community & all who support us will form up and Parade for Respect & Loyalty.

Phase 1 Ends.

6. Phase 2 -a) 1145 Hrs Military Memorial Merrion Square Dublin - Parade form up.  
b)  Respect & Loyalty Ceremony will be held prior to our Parade at Leinster House.
c) Speakers - Shelley, Senator Gerard P Craughwell & Noel O Callaghan.
d) Blessing - TBC.
e) Six (6) x Wreaths are laid for all who have Died in Service  - Brian ONeill Chairman 1916 Relatives Association, Joe McCrossen 28 Bn Assoc, Brian Grundy & Pat O Toole Air Corp, Michael Quinn & Damien Eastword Navel Service, John Oxberry 2FARA RDF & Lorraine  O'Hare WPDF representing DF family members.
f) 1916 Proclamation read out by Mervyn Ennis. 
g) Minutes Silence in Respect & Loyalty for all who died in Service & for all of our Citizens.
h) Last Post.
i) Pipers Lament.
j) Reveille - Phase 2 Ends.
7. Phase 3 -a) 1200 Hrs; Parade turns to their left & move to Leinster House via Trinity Collage side of Kildare Street.Five groups - Band, Colours & three (3) x blocks of fives (5) abreast.Block 1 (Military Veterans in Association Dress), Block 2 Families & Supporters etc, Block 3 (Military Veterans in Civilian Dress). This will make it easier for everyone for the form up as they will know which block to go to.
This format - symbolism -the protection of our Citizens, Country & Government by our Defence Forces.
We will walk as quick as our slowest member so everyone who wants to join us can do so.
b) 1245 Hrs Parade Arrives & take up position outside Government Buildings in the same formation.
c) 1300 Hrs 1.  Address to our Parade & all present - Declan Power - Front Left of Entrance. 2. Concurrent - 1 x Retired PDF addresses Media - Front Left of Entrance.3. Colours will be the back drop for both - Action Paul Clarke.
d) One (1) Minutes Silence for Respect & Loyalty for all who work in Leinster House.
e) National Anthem - IUNVA Pipe Band accompanied by those on our parade. 
f) 1315 - A copy of our signed submission is handed to the Leader of all political parities as follows;
1. M Martin TD - Fianna Fáil Party Leader - Jimmy Casey National Chairman IUNVA.2. Brendad Howlin - Labour Leader - Ray Quinn.3. Eamon Ryan - Green Party Leader - Bernard Maguire Snr 3 Bn Association.4. Marylou McDonald - Sinn Féin Leader- Tony Bolger 2 Inf Bn Association.5. Richard Boyd Barrett - Solidarity – People Before Profit Leader - Tony Bulger 2 Bn Association.6. Tommy Broughan TD - Independents 4 Change Leader - Marlo Brien 5 Bn Association.7. Shane Ross TD - Independent Alliance - Sarah Walshe WPDF .8. Catherine Murphy TD - Social Democrats - Martin Healy 4 FARA.9. Leo Varadker TD - Fine Gael Leader and Minster for Defence Leo Varadker TD - 1 X  9 nine year old girl, representing the children of Military Families -Citizens -  who are loosing out because of Contracts, Wages & Allowances that are not fit for purpose!!
g) All of our elected representatives will be invited out to view the last 15 minutes, including the hand over of the submissions. 

Phase 3 Ends.
9. Phase 4 -a) 1325 Hrs Parade forms and turns towards Stephens Green Park & proceeds back to Merrion Square Military Memorial - b) Short Stop at the Dept of Finance,where a copy of our signed submission is handed into the Dept of Fiance by Noel O Callaghan.
10. 1330 Hrs Parade stands down. Phase 4 Ends. 
11. Phase 5 - Press Conference 1400 hrs - Buswells Hotel.
8. Appointments - a) Parade Commander - Mick Dillon.b) Parade Marshell's - Mick Dillon & Derek Lamb - Block 1, Pat O Driscoll & Dick O Hanlon - Block 3.
c) Parade Stewards - John Jeffers, Tom Barden & Paddy Kavanagh & nineteen (19) x Volunteers - Block 2.d) Colours - Paul Clarke.e) Medical - Terry Tobin & Yvonne Smith Murphy (Paramedic with the National Ambulance).f) PA System for both Locations - Michael Thompson & Charlie Mott IUNVA.g) MC - John Hamill.h) Communications -  Paddy Houlihan CIS DFTC.i) Audio Recording - Mark Bennett (Mark Bennett Audiovisual) & Matthew Jones ("Reel Palette").j) Photography - Denis Barry, Paddy Gifford & Martin Rowe. 
We took this road together &  we will finish it together - Together Forward - Noel O Callaghan Regiment Sergeant Major - Retired.086 3581 634


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