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 Irish United Nations Veterans Association To All Veterans/Associations/Organisations  - 22nd September 2018

The Word “VETERAN” is seen by most as an “Old Retired Soldier”.  This is not so, once you have served your 1st UN Tour of Duty, you are a UN Veteran. We urge you to join our Association, we need young blood,the age profile of our members is not getting any younger.  Serving soldiers are allowed to join the Association.  This is approved by Department of Defence.  Serving soldiers or discharged who have no UN service can become an IUNVA Subscriber.

Our Association is the only official recognised Association listed in Defence Forces White Paper where all of our Members have served in Defence Forces or are still serving.

You are invited to consider becoming a member, or a Subscriber of our Association, we respect that your loyalty lies with your Association and we are proud to have you participate in your respective uniforms at all events.  Rest assured we will not interfere in your Association policies in any way, our advice, help and support is available should your require such.  Your support will ensure we can continue to finance the welfare requirements of veterans into the future.  Membership and Subscriber Membership fees is €24.00 per year, payable to Treasurer IUNVA, or deduction from Pension or Pay, or via DONATE icon on website www.iunva.ie  - One off donations is also accepted.

Number one we are all veterans and it is in our interest to work together, united we stand, divided we fall.  We are currently working with Department of Defence in securing a Veterans Policy in Defence Forces White Paper; this is not only for IUNVA Members but for all our Veterans.   If you wish to make any submissions, recommendations you are free to do so and we can take them on board.  Finally I ask all Veterans not to make unfavourable or discreditable postings on social media, if anyone has an issue please make contact first and endeavour to sort it out.  It is not in the best interest of Veterans to make such remarks on social media; it may be in the interest of the Powers to be to see us at one other’s throats instead of working together in harmony to achieve our respective goals.

19th September 2018 Parade Wives & Partners Defence Forces was a prime example of how we can work to-gather; this was a parade for all Veterans irrespective of our Associations/Organisations, with different uniforms and some Veterans in civilians where we marched as one side by side.  The organisation was professionally run with dignity and respect, let this be a stepping stone into the future where we are in unity with each other. It is the intention of IUNVA to meet with all other Veterans Associations/Organisations in the near future.

The objectives of our Association are listed on our Website www.iunva.ie.   You may have seen unfavourable and discreditable remarks posted on social media concerning our Association from time to time.  It is not our policy NOT to reply to such postings on social media.   99% of such postings are incorrect with unfounded statements and remarks.   Documentation on such postings is recorded and we can prove they are incorrect.

What you see on our Website is a general description of our Association’s every day events.  Countless events cannot be published; they are confidential in that they relate to payments for welfare, burials, accommodation, counselling, medical and domestic matters.  We not only cater for our members but also any ex soldiers with genuine problems.   These problems are never-ending and it is envisaged they will continue to increase.  All such payments are included in our Annual Audited Accounts and submitted to Charity Regulator when audited.

Our Association has the greatest respect for all Veterans Associations/Organisations and as veterans we should work in harmony side by side.  We may have differences but these can be settled by sitting down and talking.  Our Association and ONET are recognised by Department of Defence and as such we can be a voice for your Associations at our meetings with them.  This has already been successfully achieved in the running of Veterans Day by appointing a Ceremonial Officer from one of the Association to organise other Associations parading on the day.  We have also voiced our concerns on Pay & Conditions in Defence Forces at such meetings directly with Minister Responsible for Defence.   We supported Wives & Partners on parades and will continue to do so in future ones.  Your support is also appreciated in supporting such important events.

Please consider joining our Association and if you require any further clarifications or information on any matter feel free to contact us.  We look forward in hearing from you.

 Jim Casey                                                                                              22nd September 2018

National Chairman


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