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Code of Conduct Agreement Peer Counselling Group

Participants who present under the influence of substances / intoxicated will not be permitted to engage in the group.

Participants who do not agree to engage in any extra supports recommended by the group counsellor will not be permitted to attend the group – one to one engagement with alternative professional supports (physical attendance / telephone) enables participants and the group to maintain its primary focus as a Peer Counselling Group.

The counsellor works from an evidence based best practice approach in line with BACP Standards. Evidence identifies the benefit (Catharsis) of peer group counselling to enable a more effective group therapy by giving the participant the opportunity to discuss their adverse and positive experiences in a therapeutic focused setting. The role of the group is to support participants through discussion; understanding; validation of issues and to empower participants through a collective supportive group process and setting.

Counsellors are responsible for managing the group and are duty bound to maintain a safe effective functioning environment in line with IUNVA policies.  They receive supervision re their group facilitation and through this process are required to explore/discuss group dynamics; challenges; positive/negative areas to enable IUNVA to provide necessary supports to maintain a supportive functioning group.

IUNVA reserve the right to withdraw access to the group if an individual’s behaviour (internally/externally) undermines or impacts negatively on the group and/or any of its participants 



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