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Press release - I.U.N.V.A Irish Red Cross Beirut Relief Fund
In the immediate aftermath of the tragic explosion in Beirut on Tuesday which has left many
Lebanese citizens dead, injured and now homeless and destitute, the Irish United Nations
Veterans Association have set up a GoFundMe page and is inviting everyone to donate.
The Irish Defence Force have served around the world on peacekeeping missions since 1958
and have served in Lebanon continuously since 1978. We have been recognised as Military
Ambassadors for Ireland and have assisted the Lebanese population in many ways, especially
with humanitarian help and aid from the Irish contingent in the UNIFIL Peace Mission. We
have supported the Lebanese people through every major disaster and incident since 1978.
Today, we have Defence Force Peacekeepers serving in Lebanon, they are continuing our
relationship with all the Lebanese communities. We have a close affiliation with them and
now, we would like to help the people of Beirut, Lebanon at this tragic time.
All proceeds will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross/International Red Cross through our
own Irish Red Cross. It is imperative to get the funds to the people on the ground doing the
hands-on work and helping those who need it most.
This is the quickest and safest way to transfer the funds. This GoFundMe page will close at
1200 hrs on Monday 31 August and the funds in totality will be presented to Jocelino Jorge,
Head of Fund Raising, Irish Red Cross.
This is what we do, Irish Defence Forces, Veterans, families and friends of the Irish Military
Community, by donating any amount, we will be helping those caught up in this tragic
IUNVA, on behalf of all Irish members serving, veterans and families of the military
community would be grateful for your donation to provide comfort and support to the victims
of this disaster.
The Red Cross's immediate actions on the ground would be and not limited to:
-Providing emergency transportation to and from hospitals
-Providing temporary accommodation for the 300,000 people who are displaced
-Providing hygiene and sanitary services and products to the affected
-Food, water, shelter to those affected
This is only the immediate impact and actions. The Red Cross will also be running programs
on rebuilding livelihood once the immediate and secondary phase is 'over
Postal donations, made payable to IUNVA Beirut Relief Fund can be posted to;
Derek Judge, National Secretary, IUNVA, Arbour House, 6, Mount Temple Road, Arbour
Hill, Dublin 7.
IUNVA Beirut Relief Fund, Irish Red Cross Head Office, 16 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 D02

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